Landscaping Contract

This Landscaping Contract (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”) is entered into as of [DATE OF SIGNING] by and between [LANDSCAPER NAME] (hereinafter referred to as “Landscaper”) and [CLIENT NAME] (hereinafter referred to as “Client”), collectively referred to as the “Parties,” have agreed to be bound by this Landscaping Services Contract.

Landscaping Services

The Client desires to engage in business with the Landscaper to carry out the following tasks:

The aforementioned services are referred to as "Landscaping Services", which will be performed at the Client's property. [CLIENT NAME] confirms he/she either owns the Property and/or holds the proper legal authority to engage with [LANDSCAPER NAME] for the Landscaping Services requested on the Property.

The Landscaper will provide the labor, materials, and supplies needed to deliver the Landscaping Services as stated in this Contract. After the completion of the services, the Landscaper will take away all materials, supplies and other debris.

Schedule of Services

Starting on [START DATE], [LANDSCAPER NAME] shall perform the Landscaping Services described herein once every week/month (delete as appropriate) until the contract is complete or is ended by either party.

Both the Client and/or the Landscaper may terminate this Landscaping Contract for any reason by giving 14 days’ notice in writing to the other Party.


The Client has the right to request reasonable alterations to the Landscaping Services expressed in this Contract. All modifications to the Landscaping Services must be documented and approved by both the Landscaper and the Client. The Client acknowledges that any adjustments to the Landscaping Services could lead to extra costs and could alter the agreed Schedule of Services.


In consideration for the Landscaping Services, [CLIENT NAME] shall pay [LANDSCAPER NAME] at the rate of [HOURLY OR DAILY RATE]. [LANDSCAPER NAME] shall invoice [CLIENT NAME] each month, and such invoices shall be due and payable within 30 of days of the client’s receipt of the invoice.

Guarantee of Service

The Landscaper agrees to carry out the Landscaping Services in a professional manner and as per the Schedule of Services, complying with all local, city, state, and federal regulations, particularly zoning and health and safety regulations.

Permits and Licenses

The landscaper will obtain any necessary permits or licenses and will let the client know the estimated cost beforehand. However, the client is solely responsible for covering the cost of these permits or licenses.


The Landscaper will perform the Landscaping Services in a competent and professional way, abiding by any relevant legal guidelines, regulations, codes, and conducts.

The Client has the legal right to authorize construction on the Property and is able to ensure that it meets all necessary laws, regulations, codes, etc. Furthermore, they are in a financial position to pay the Landscaper for the Landscaping Services provided.


The Landscaper will abide by any legal requirements, ordinances, rules and regulations that pertain to the protection of people and property.

The Client agrees to provide access for the Landscaper, its workers, associates, and subcontractors to be able to carry out the Landscaping Services, including allotting space for their vehicles, tools, and personnel. The Client also agrees to remove any known or potential risks from the Property and keep any pets away from the working area. Furthermore, the Client shall advise the Landscaper as to the boundaries of the property to ensure that no one trespasses on a third party's land.


The Landscaper warrants that they hold suitable insurance to cover any injuries or losses caused by their own employees, subcontractors, or themselves.


At its own discretion, the Landscaper is permitted to employ subcontractors to perform the work, as long as they pay any subcontractors for their services and remain solely responsible for fulfilling the terms of this Contract.

Liability Waiver

Should any personnel involved in the Landscaping Services (including the Landscaper, employees, landscapers, agents, etc.) suffer injuries, the Client will not be liable, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Force Majeure

The landscaper holds no responsibility for any inability to comply with what has been agreed upon if it is caused by external forces such as natural disasters, weather events, acts of God civil disturbances, or any other unexpected occurrences.

Entire Contract

This contract outlines the full agreement between the two parties, replacing all previous agreements or contracts, both written and verbal. No changes to the Contract can be made unless both the Landscaper and the Client sign off on them in writing.

Dispute Resolution and Legal Fees

In the event that a dispute arises from this Contract, which cannot be settled through mutual understanding, the Parties agree to engage in mediation. If the issue cannot be settled through mediation and legal action is necessary, the successful Party will be awarded its legal expenses, including but not limited to lawyer's fees.


If any part of this Contract is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, the other parts will still be valid and applicable. If the court decides that any section of this Contract is not valid or enforceable, but can be made valid and enforceable by being limited, then it shall be deemed to have been written, interpreted, and enforced with that limitation.

Applicable Law

This Contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the country or state in which the Property is located, without regard to conflict of laws provisions.

By signing below, the client acknowledges having read and understood this contract and that the client is satisfied with the terms and conditions contained in this Contract. The client should not sign this contract if there are any blank spaces. The client is entitled to a copy of this Contract.

By signing this Cgreement, the client confirms they have gone through this agreement and agree to its terms. There should be no empty spaces before they sign. The client is entitled to a copy of this Contract.

The Parties have shown their agreement to the terms and conditions listed within this Contract by signing their names below: